July 26th, 2007


Child of the Revolution?

Happy Birthday, gypseymission... on the day of the Cuban Revolution..

It's gone quiet for me, work-wise. This is not entirely a good thing: fewer lessons= less income. But there's a couple of things that I do seem to be finding time to do, like practising guitar (which I should do several hours of every day but in normal circumstances during term time do not seem to find the time and energy to do remotely as much as I need to, so it is a case of catching up in the summer). Not enough free time to go away on a proper holiday -and I couldn't afford that at the moment. But it's ok. It does feel, though, like my life is on hold, waiting to see what happens with the Jury Service summons in August.
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    me, playing bits of Britten's 'Nocturnal' Op 70.
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