August 30th, 2007


only words...

How do you pronounce 'Qualitative' and 'Quantitative'? Also, is there such a verb as 'Operationalise'?

Half -llistening to the radio while I was doing something else... something on Psychology research. And they keep using those two words making them sound 'quan-tee-tate-eev' and 'qualee-tate-eev' with stress on the 'tate' bit. I never heard this pronounced like that and, in fact, the presenter sometimes uses the words pronouncing them 'qualee-tat-ive' and 'quant-it-tat-ive'. which is more like the way I had heard those words pronounced before... but I'm actually not sure.

And, how about that 'Operationalise'? Why does it make me think of Orwell's 'Vaporise'?

The program itself I find rather interesting, apart from those irritants
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