September 4th, 2007


Step forward, Apollotheeleventh...

A few people here in LJ land have been charting the bizarre names that some parents inflict on their children. This is particularly bad, it would seem, in my part of the world, Venezuela, particularly in Maracaibo -perhaps as a result of the historic trauma of having been raided regularly by the real pirates of the Caribbean for a very long time in its early history. When I was studying music one of my fellow students was a girl called kennedy Jackeline Contini (well, another common Italian surname, changed to protect the innocent). There is some unfortunate soul there going through life with no less a name than Apollo 11th Montiel. When I was teaching music in a primary school in a barrio, so many years ago, I had amongst my pupils one Indira Gandhi, one Richard Nixon (Perez, I think the surname was).. apart from the excruciating made-up names constituted by half the father's, half the mother's name or a misheard version of a TV soap star's name -or even the TV soap's name itself.

The National Electoral Council in my beloved country,, Venezuela, seems to have decided to do something about it, as can be seen in The Register, here -nanny state gone mad, or is somebody finally doing something to prevent idiotic parents from inflicting on their children lifetimes of misery and hundreds of fights on the way out of school..?:P