September 6th, 2007

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on this day...

... it's _mrx_'s and londonjon's birthday.. Happy Birthday!

Should be a quiet day, apart from trying to resolve a horrible mess (not of my doing) with the letting agents we rent this flat from. A couple of lessons and tonight a short call at the Big Red for londonjon's birthday drinks.

Hopefully things will be back to normal work-wise next week, I still have only about half as many lessons as normal. Slowly getting there. Hm.

This week-end there is Inferno at the E.B. on Friday and Invocation on Saturday. Let's see whether I can make both. Is there something else happening that I'm overlooking? I get the feeling there were a couple of birthday parties..

I don't have any lessons for a while and it is a beautiful sunny morning out there. Might go for a walk and breakfast in a cafe...