September 10th, 2007


the week-end...

.. was quite good. Photos of londonjon's birthday picnic will follow, including that photo of cyberglamour. There might be a caption competition.... :D

Today should be a quiet day, just meeting bellajonez for a light lunch and then lessons till 9 or 10 pm, depending. Not that I'm short of things to do, but it is good not to have to rush to do them, for once.

Lastly, Happy Birthday to alyxzandrauk and, slightly belatedly, necromanci!!
slippery when wet

Photos from the week-end and other stuff

Pictures from the picnic in Hampstead Heath are here. Pictures from drinks at the Big Red for londonjon's birthday are here.


What is cyberglamour thinking of?

Poll #1052881 What should the prize be for the caption?

What should the prize be for the photo caption?

Michela's wiener...
pint of beer..
other (to elaborate in 'Other'


Caption for Michela's sausage picture:

Small print: This is not entirely serious, any prizes etc, are only virtual and absolutely at the discretion of the poll-makers; terms and conditions apply, I set the T&C so, there.

[ Edit] For those who were having difficulties seeing the pictures at the location linked above, they are also here .