September 20th, 2007


the day after and the days ahead

The day after Pirate Day: the gospel according to St. Mark.the 13th.

Things seem to be going back to normal work-wise, with pupils coming back from holiday and people calling making enquiries about lessons. All I need now is a posh restaurant to pay me a couple hundred quid once a week for a couple of hours of, er, 'soothing' classical guitar music. I'm still fifteen pounds away from my o/d limit. But then...

The coming week-end is full of interesting things and I cannot see how I can attend them all. There is of course Betty Ford Clinic on Friday. On Saturday there is Wrecked, the goth boat thing on the Thames, for which I seem to have a ticket, and also of course Salughterhaus5 (see the video here! now!) . Not sure at all how I can manage this but would like to go to both.