September 23rd, 2007

dreamscape with moon 1

wrecked again...

A bit wrecked, indeed; I seem to have fallen down with another coughing bug.

Wrecked last night was an excellent night. My original plan of heading for Slaughterhaus5, after, alas, were very flawed -it was just not going to happen. But I will be there next time.

Took about 400 samples of documentary evidence for blackmail pictures while on the boat, which will be up tomorrow. Also the results of rehearsal/jam with noondaydemon which, if short, I quite liked. It seems that ravenstoker came out of Wrecked in an ambulance, having done his back in. Hope he is ok now.

I'm not feeling very well, but I think I may go out for a walk, I'm getting cabin fever in here.
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