September 24th, 2007

dreamscape with moon 1

Why am I awake?

I don't need to be up early. But woke up a while ago and just couldn't go back to sleep. Had a night full of strange dreams, some deeply disturbing and ominous, some.. more interesting (we'll leave at that); seemed to dream continuously but don't seem to have rested much. It looks awful outside. Apart from posting a couple of things I'd put on eBay I don't have to go out at all today -that , at least, is good.

Still coughing my lungs out.

Good morning!
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room available

It looks like we'll have a room available from beginning of October. Rent is £292.50 plus council tax (at the moment around £32.50) and bills. The flat is on Kentish Town Road, a block and a half up from Quinn's, something like three blocks up from the Dev. There's fast wireless broadband noisy police sirens, roadworks and all the other things you expect in vibrant, modern London and the usual local amenities.. it's , half way between Camden Town and Kentish Town tube; a very convenient location.

email me at flavio@or comment here