September 30th, 2007


Happy Sunday!

I think I owe small apologies to various peeps whose birthday parties I didn't attend yesterday. I did go, for a bit, to beric's and featheredwings's birthday dinner at R.E.D. and, for once, the name (which made me cringe a bit when I first saw the acronym and its explanation) was justified. Their moroccan buffet was really excellent dining. I'm still not entirely well, though, and by the end of it I didn't have energy to go chasing other parties. In any case, Happy Birthday to maxinemogadon, whose party I missed -sori! Hope it was a fantastic one -as always at the Highbury Massive. And I also missed Ally's, and Paul's and.... why do you guys all decide to be born on the same dates?:P

Today, a couple of lessons and more sorting out the house... there was something happening later but can't remember what it was.. good sign, eh..

Happy Sunny Sunday!