October 8th, 2007


week-end in words and pictures

First order of the day: Happy Birthday to _yungfuktoi_., scarletkitti, midnight_echo, kuchisake_onna and, slightly belatedly, ladymedb. And, slightly early, to hotel_noir, since I probably won't have internet access tomorrow. Phew. That's a long list. I hope I got that right.

The week-end was good. Friday was of course the wedding reception of chaospigeon and god_tim. I took some pictures although I missed all the crucial bits, like the speeches, which were about to start as I arrived and asked where the bar was. It was over there. So over there I went.. I did take some pictures, which are in my .mac photo gallery. Saturday was dj_gassmann's birthday, at the Bierodrome and then the Slime, where he was DJ'ing.. There's a few photos of the birthday drinks here.

Yesterday was a busy day with quite a few lessons. In the evening, after rehearsal with noondaydemon, just popped in at the Dev for a pint in the company of violetdisregard, andialan, mupstasia and djpsyche.

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[ Edit ] for those who had problems seeing the photo albums in the .mac gallery, i've also put Rhi and Tim's wedding reception photos in my facebook photo thingie.