October 21st, 2007



After the cash-flow crisis of the last week, yesterday I blew a tyre when carelessly hitting a kerb. I really didn't need to do that at this point. Now today I find someone has smashed a window in my car. They did not take anything -there isn't much they would find in my car apart from rubbish, but they didn't attempt to take the stereo. There were other cars with their windows smashed along that street. This is when I had insured the thing third-party only because I couldn't afford full comp. Not sure yet whether I'm covered for glass, I suspect not..

In better news, kaerasta's and lourens's party was very good. I left early,, they were still in full swing. Lourens, in particular, seemed very happy, apparently due to that strange sport thing of yesterday's which I don't understand...

It's going to be a day full of rummaging through paperwork and making phone calls. And there's that tyre. .I don't think I can cope with that just now, probably will just call the RAC to do it. I've already changed hundreds of tyres in my life, that's enough.
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