October 24th, 2007


bizzy bizzy day

very busy doing a lot of teaching today, normal Wednesday lessons plus some changed because of the half-term. This is not bad, at least it is work busy and not the frantic fire-fighting trying to sort out futile emergencies that I've had in previous days.

There seem to be three or four things happening on Friday night and can go to none of them, as I have a previous commitment. Oh well.
dreamscape sepia

signs of getting old, part 2343

One of the signs of advancing age is that your pockets seem to be full of things. Last month's parking stubs, because you'll need them for the taxman but never remember to offload them into the year accounts' folder. A couple of usb memory keys. The phone invoice still waiting to be paid. The flyer for some club that you might have liked to have gone last month but didn't go and the flyer is somehow still sitting there..

That, and Radio 4. It begins to get really bad when you find yourself addressing the newscaster or the presenter of File on 4, telling them what it really was like. But it may not just be ageing, this last one, is it? I'll ask mark13 on this one...