November 9th, 2007

whitby gull

Happy Birthday, brokenbeany!

Have a lovely day!

ION... hmm.. not a lot. Doing some guitar practice (I don't do anywhere near enough these days, I s'pose because I don't play in public that much so I don't have the pressure to keep practising at the level I ought to -must do something about this). Just one lesson later today, then most likely B-Movie (link to flyer, production of which apparently grants a reduced admission charge). Tomorrow, Anna, Alex, Lala and Jon's birthday party (more info on linked flyer). That's after lessons and possibly rehearsal with noondaydemon -Tina?

reading the news....

I'm a little bit (only a little bit) intrigued about Ms Bhutto's stance -she was going to take part in a public rally and march just days after an attempt to kill her. I wonder whether there might not have been a little bit of double-think ahead on her part, knowing that the so-clever military rulers would, upon the announcement, immediately put her under house arrest. Just wondering..