November 17th, 2007


and the grey skies

Rush to have to buy yet another tyre this grey, cold morning. Those things do seem to happen in twos and threes -hope not threes!. A few lessons (already had a no-show).

Never made it to Ellie's house-warming in the end -hope it went very well. Stopped at the new best little rock pub in Cahmden, finally was able to talk to Robin and Janine about the recent developments. Then I ended up in Blood and Velvet when Greenie offered a lift there. Only caught the tail end of the band's performance -was ok, but the sound system did not help at all. It was a good night, apart from the horrific fact that someone got run over right outside the place. I'm glad I 'discovered' that (I had never been to B&V before). Particularly in the circumstances of the week.