January 15th, 2008

dreamscape sepia

early bird and other things

Early bird? Not me. Me still no likes.

Wish I'd find (or rather, they'd find me) a school to teach one day a week a little closer than Watford, Herts. and which didn't involve being up at 6:00, driving at 7:00 am. (end of customary early morning whinge..)

In other news. tonight Patricia and Robert are doing what is described as a 'casual evening on occasional Tuesdays' ar Bar Monsta (not perhaps my favourite venue but it is all down to the people rather than the venue itself, at least for me). Flyer Collapse ). See the flyer to whether it might be your sort of thing or not.

Actually, I am not sure that I'll be there myself, after a long day in Watofordo and having not been very well for the last few days, but will try and attend at least for a bit.