January 31st, 2008


good morning....

... well, 'good morning' as a wish, unattained today as yet: it is very very windy and wet.

First things first, though: Happy Birthday to caroline_vain and childeric!! Hope the day brings all manner of shiny.

I probably will be seen tonight at the Big Red for a short while, after I finish teaching. Tomorrow there's laurel_mcjobo's do and Inferno. We'll see whether I can do both, or either for that matter -I'm unexpectedly skint again. Not a big thing, just a little inconvenient for the week-end... btw, there would seem not to be anyhing going on on Saturday?

breakfast with flavio

I'm at the Portuguese delicatessen/café at the corner here in KTR, having a nice toasted sandwich and a coffee. A cyclist just came in -with bicycle and all, trundling the thing in, putting it on top of my guitar, leaving the door open so the freezing cold wind and droplets of the rain outside rush in to join us. What is it with people....

btw I'm most definitley not listening to Blink 182. A pupil wanted to play a song of theirs and so that was the last thing I'd played in iTunes, that program so loved by some:P

grammer? as in programmer? or do you mean grammar?

I often feel a bit shy to point out inconsistencies of grammar and spelling, being after all a blodi forrener and very often hasty and careless to check before I post, but further to a lament from cyber_child (unfortunately in a protected post, so only people in his flist can see it), here is one more annoying little thing that I see every day, a very common one:

'It's' is not a possessive adjective or pronoun. It is a contraction of 'it' and 'is'. So, please, "the dog and it's puppy" would mean, if anything, that the dog was a puppy -or something like that. It would not mean 'the dog and the puppy of the dog'.

'Your' and 'you're', likewise, are not interchangeable!

Some of the other obvious ones (with the medal of honour going to 'I would of done') in Bob's post..

< /pedantic>