February 9th, 2008


Happy Birthday, vexen!!!

.. Hope it's good, wherever in the world you are today.

Last night I seem to have missed irisetta's birthday day do -didn't have anything about it in my diary. Went instead to the leaving do for teenytiny_laura, whicih was good. Some photos of that will foloow, if any are any good.

ION, I do seem to have a knack for getting involved in doomed musical projects. En fin, that's the way life goes.

Tonight, caroline_vain's birthday drinks at Big Red. Can't think of anything else going on. Just as well, I'm rather very skint (yeah, I know you've heard it before).

In the meantime, it's a lovely afternoon out there and I'm sitting here pondering about the lessons fallen through and fiddling with computers, watching very slowly moving progress bars. Ok, enough of that. Out for a walk. See some of you later tonight.