February 19th, 2008

dreamscape sepia

tuesday evening

Back from sunny Watford. I think my having to spend a whole day in that place every week is life's way of reminding me why I left it and why it was wrong to stay there so long. Having said that, I have good friends there. But the town itself...

SBA-Joy Disaster-Spares gig on Sunday was a blast. One unexpected win was Joy Disaster. In spite of the rather terrible name. A punk 'power' trio with masses of energy and, with all the noise, some interesting musical subtlety.SBA were their good old selves, serving out a very good show. After that I went to ravenstoker's last Raven in Arizona (the bar on the corner diagonal to the Elephant's.

Monday was quiet, with a few lessons.

Tuesday, as described above. Now chilling out. I don't have to get up early but I'm whacked..

Later in the week, rehearsal, or practice, whatever you call it, with noondaydemon. It seems like the project has a name: Hella, which is a character in 'Master and Margarita', a demon dead girl who is one of Woland's helpers. On Friday eve., nothing at all hat I can think of. Saturday is of course slaughterhaus5!

I just noticed I used a p. participle ('been') instead of a gerund ('being') in a comment in someone else's journal. Flavio hangs pedantic head in shame.