March 8th, 2008

dreamscape with moon 1

quieter saturday...

.. than I anticipated. Had to move a couple of lessons, so I have been playing around with the recordings from yesterday's jam/rehearsal with noondaydemon, pottering about achieving not much and trying to wake up.

Inferno last night was good, I danced a lot, talked a lot of rubbish, tried to actually make out what other people were saying to me. Half of the time, in a crowded noisy place with very loud dance music, I cannot really understand more than a third of what people are saying to me, trying to pick up the meaning from keywords, which can be a risky game. So, you know, if you already repeated it twice and I'm nodding and smiling vacantly, I'd like you to say it again louder as I didn't still get it, but I daren't ask.

Later today, one lesson away and two parties. I'm feeling like I could happily go back to bed till tomorrow, though. We'll see how it goes.
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