March 10th, 2008

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Sunny out there. Still haven't been out of the house today.

Week-end was very good, Friday I went to Inferno; danced a lot, the usual. On Saturday went to irisetta's dinner party, which was excellent. Felt a bit rude to finish eating and leave, but also wanted to go to the Seven Deadly Sins multiple birthday party, which was a blast.

Pictures of both events will follow.
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of custom lists and other LJ stuff

I don't quite see the point in LJs default views. Custom lists, yes, in that not everybody is interested in the same range of things I am, although I only really have one, for stuff that is only relevant to my family. But default views... hm. If I add you to my flist it normally is because I know you and consider you a friend (or think you could get to be one). If I'm not interested in reading what you have to say, why add you at all?

And ... well, on that line of things, if you are going to do a poll to decide who to cull out of your flist, please don't do it on a Tuesday unless you want me not to be able to respond as there is a high probability I'l never see your post.. This is due to my circumstances on that day of the week and does not mean I'm not interested in reading your journal.