March 12th, 2008

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Breakfast at Mario's [ kind of review ]

I can't believe that, after five years of living here, I hadn't found this place until kaerasta told me about it a few days ago. I've just been to Mario's café, just across the road from here but hidden in Kelly Street, a lovely place to have a leisurely breakfast on a day off (attention, blackberryqueen, you'd asked about local cafés some time ago). Friendly environment, nice breakfasty things, Italian and more general lunch time food. the papers of the day and nice non-obtrusive conversation with Mario himself. Recommended.


It looks like I may be going to Vz for a fortnight in May. That'd be a very good thing (TM). I need to do a whole lot of things while over there and see a lot of people.... I'm crossing fingers and toes ...