March 17th, 2008


unjust deserts...

... was a blast. A very good party indeed, and a very good welcome-back do for Diz. I also seem to have come back with an extra bottle of tequila, having won it in the raffle -win!

Photos will follow at some point. Probably not before Wednesday, given constrains on time today and tomorrow. Also, as some of the pictures may be a tiiny little bit risqué, would like to verify with the concerned parties (looking at you, lydiamorgan) that it is indeed ok to put them up.

Happy Birfday...

... giggly_teapot!!! Hope you're having a lovely day!!

Mine has been.. oh, never mind.

ION, looks like I took too many pictures yesterday at 'Unjust Deserts'. About six hundred, of which I would like to pick sixty or so to put up. Won't have time to do that until Wednesday or so....