April 11th, 2008



It's been a strange day, with all four seasons rolled into a few hours. There was howling wind and ice coming down from the sky just a short while ago, now it is bright sunshine and blue skies.

Also for me it has been a funny day, spent mostly fire-fighting -dealing with awkward stuff and not always delightful errands that nonetheless had to be done, for me and possibly for others. And not achieving much.

I might not go out at all tonight. What is there? Sedition? Might like to go to that but I'm a bit low in energy and money, need to save both.

Playing in public last week reminded me. I need to do more of that. Pity I'm so rubbish at selling my own product. I do believe I have a product to sell, as a musician, but I'm crap at persuading people that they have to pay in order to listen to me play the guitar.

Mean Time

Last night went to Greenwich to the Union, for dj_alexander's birthday drinks. There were some photos that will come up eventually. It was a pleasant occasion, I liked the Greenwich Union, and I like Greenwich. It doesn't feel so much like London but rather like a sea-side town, like Whitby or some of the places in the Isle of Wight.

I also liked 'Mean Time' (silly pun name, and noondaydemon and I have a song with that title as well), a chocolate beer. Yes, I thought it would be horrible, but it turned out to be not sweet at all (why was I thinking that it might be?) and very yummy. Thanks pitufina for introducing me to this. I think. As it might be an expensive addiction...