April 19th, 2008


a saturday..

... first of all, Happy Birthday to mark13 (a little early) and mad_woody (a little belatedly)!! And sevensomething, if he happens to read this

Today will bring some lessons, then lunch for mark13's birthday,then possibly one more lesson and then drinks for the multiple birthday at the Roch. I don't think I may have energy or money for anything more happening today. Tomorrow, busy day with quite a few lessons, anyway.

Kentish Town vignette...

Thursday evening. As I'd left the house I went to take something I needeod to leave in the car, parked in the street round the back of KTR. As I approached the corner where the council had fixed a bench a couple of weeks ago, which had immediately become the meeting point for the local hoodies, there was a large group of them... and a police car with spinning blue lights and three officers having what seemed a fairly intense conversation with them....  Collapse )
Of course, it could be worse, it could be like this... (from dj_alexander's and deathboy's journals..).