April 28th, 2008


Back from Whitby

Just this minute. Very tired. Half an hour's nap, shower, then lessons, then getting up at 6:00 am. Unless I won the lottery, let me check... hm, no, I didn't play so it was going to be a little unlikely.

Whitby was very good.

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things I unexepectedly enjoyed in whitby, part 1 of possibly several...

... The footie. I hate all spectators' sports and I particularly dislike football mass culture. Yet I had a whole lot of fun at the match yesterday between the Real Gothic and Athletico (sic) Gazette. It makes a difference, I s'pose, if you know a few of the people involved out there on the field, and perhaps more than half the people in the audience... I expect I'll be there next time I go to Whitby.