June 6th, 2008




I’m back. Strange to have been there, stranger still to be back. Not much jet lag, just the legs’ bad bad sunburn, which was aggravated by having to run around doing stuff and then the journey back. I had some plans to go to Inferno tonight but I don’t think that can happen, when it takes me three or four minutes just to get up, as the skin in my legs contracts and pulls tight and the muscles cramp. That bit wasn’t so good but overall I’m glad I went. I wish I could afford to do it more often, even if this journey was a confirmation that I would not want to ever go back there to live.
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Canon EOS 350D still for sale

Now that I’m back from the scorching tropics, I have to finish a number of things I left pending as I didn’t have time to deal with them before leaving. One of them is this: I still have that camera. It is a Canon EOS 350D. I’m selling it body only so you would have to source a lens but that is not difficult.* It is a very good camera, I now just happen to have the more recent version of the same, a 450D. It has been recently serviced. As I won’t have use for the Compact Flash cards it takes, I’ll be giving a couple of them with the camera, just a 2 GB and a 1GB cards (if I can remember where I put the latter...) and a 512MB one. And a soft case. No ponies, though.

I’m asking for £180.

Enquiries &cc, through the usual channels.

* It would seem, from these eBay pages, that you can get the stock 18-55 lens for as little as £35.