June 9th, 2008

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start of the week

Well, the rather boring (actually it wasn’t that boring) strategy of staying i n for the week-end paid off and I seem to be in possession of an ugly but working set of legs. The blisters have become some horrible yellow scab things (I bet you didn’t want to know that) and it itches like hell but I’m not getting cramps anymore. Just as well -much to do, much to do. Good morning!

(Really nobody wants that camera? Oh, well, I’ll have to put it on eBay... as well as the black MacBook...)
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That black Apple MacBook

I thought I’d mentioned this here but apparently I hadn’t.

Due to haste and house contents insurance (long story) I now have two Apple MacBooks. I need only one, so I must sell the other one -to pay for the other one, if you’re still with me. It is brand new, unused, , hasn’t come out of its box and it is standard spec 2.4 GHz Core2Duo, 250 GB hard disk, usual bits (Gigabit ethernet, airport extreme, bluetooth, superdirve, Mac OS X Leopard, iLife 08).

And it’s black.

I would expect something around the £800 mark.