June 14th, 2008


friday night in dev, diner and quinn's

So, went to the Hobgoblin (the former late lamented Dev) last night with lfreia who is visiting. mostly to meet mark13 to deliver what was going to be his secret present for redlaurie. We had a very good time, mostly outside and therefore out of range of the music and within range of pleasant conversation with peeps. After that we went with Mark and Laurie to the Diner which has replaced the late and not lamented Arizona, which was a very good discovery and, judging by the samples we had last night, to be amply recommended.

After that we stopped in Quinn’s to say hello to the visitor from Switzerland, ran into lots of peeps and had a splendid time. I was in lager bier hell courtesy of jonathantullet.

Today will be made mostly of lessons -hopefully...
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