June 23rd, 2008


fin de semana..

Week end was ok if a little quiet. I already mentioned Bedistland on Friday. Saturday brought along a few lessons, one cancellation, discovering a few glitches about new old car and Invocation, which was good fun. It was good to catch up with cyberchild and many other peeps I don’t often see these days.

Sunday came along with lunch with friends at bellajonez, which was lovely. Then a few lessons until relatively late and spending what was left of the evening in, playing with Logic but not achieving much with it, I was too tired.

Now, next week-end will be quite busy, with the last ever Betty Ford Clinic on the Friday, then on Saturday Dead and Buried, Vagabonds, Slaughterhaus 5 and half a dozen other things happening. I’ll certainly be going to BFC and Slaughterhaus5,we’ll see whether I can make any of the others.