June 27th, 2008


on a friday....

It’s been a bit stressful today, for reasons that won’t go into this story, but have to do with money I was expecting and didn’t arrive, and the consequences of that and the trying to avoid/prevent them.

No lessons today, no reply from a couple of pupils who cancelled (in one case, just didn’t turn up for) their lesson last week, but on the other hand a pupil who’d stopped lessons to go away to a boarding school (those things still exist, I’d have thought they belonged with Orwell and the 1930’s) called to take a couple of lessons a week during the summer to prepare for a guitar grade 4 exam, which is better news.. Long chat with noondaydemon this morning about our joint music-making effort and where it might go from here, then getting rained on on my way back from Camden Market (yes, it’s still there).

I seem to have very little energy these days. I suspect joining a gym might help in that respect, as well as the fact that I am beginning not to like the image that mirrors send back to me. I hate gyms, though -and it is not realistic to propose myself an exercise regime at home. There’s too much calling for my attention, too many things to deal with. The first person who mentions bicycles gets shot, though. I would be roadkill within the hour if I took to the streets of London on a bike.

Ok, leaving soon for Betty Ford Clinic. See some of you there.