July 7th, 2008

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week-end pictures

Mr slinkymule in action at Opium Den

Not that many pictures this time, and maybe not of interest to that many.

On Friday went to Opium Den for a bit. Pity we had to leave early, which meant we had to miss the Stillhouse Orchestra.. I took a few pictures of a couple of the acts, which are here.

On Saturday, after the collapse of my working day (four lessons cancelled, although not all last minute) went for a wander down the South Bank with lfreia.There’s some pictures of that as well.

Er, that’s it. Sunday was a strange day in which not a lot happened.

Ups and downs of a Monday

+ + Yay, storm coming! (and I don’t have to go out in it, can just watch from my window...)

- - Parking fine when I overstayed my ticket for all of two minutes in Hampstead Heath an hour ago. When I arrived the ;evil purveyor of misery; parking attendant was still writing the ticket and I implored and asked for pity in the name of his innocent children, but the guy just looked through me and printed the ticket nonetheless. So I told him that I would never take such an evil job even though he earned twice as me, a poor little music teacher. He looked through me again, so I had to tell him I wished he rotted in hell forever, but that as he had no soul he would not, he would simply disappear into nothingness without ever paying for his sins... nothing, he still just coldly looked through me..