July 15th, 2008


pics from the week-end

It was a busier and more stressful week-end than I anticipated.

On Friday there was (amongst many other things happening which I missed) Mr zeke_hubris ‘s birthday at the Dirty Dicks in Bishopsgate. A few pictures here. Pity I ruined a couple of ones there.

On Saturday there was the fantastic party for misstiamaria ‘s birthday at the Cross Kings, with performances by her and jaketherat (which was awesome) and a few other talented and entertaining bands. Pictures here (it is a facebook gallery). Part 1 here, part 2 here.

Then on Sunday a few pictures from my birthday dinner at Bin Tang with pre-dinner and post-dinner drinks in Quinn’s, with a selected* group of friends.


* that is, those who selected the option not to cancel at the last minute, etc

[ Edit ] For those that had problems viewing zeke_hubris’s b’day drinks’‘ pics, they’re also up now on my facebook gallery.