July 19th, 2008


Review of an unnamed eating place...

Yesterday afternoon met with ms_jinxme and she took me to this delightful little café in Parkway .. the name of which I have entirely forgotten, the shame... furtling a little bit in Google I think the place might be the Tupelo Honey. The food was good, I had a lamb ... er, whatsit (Anki, help, what was that called). Sort of spicy lamb stew with a yoghurt topping (she said). We didn’t have any pudding (how can you have any pudding if ye don’t eat yer meat...er, sorry, a bad case of flashback there) and the coffee was ok but not fantastic. I loved the place, we were upstairs and had been told that there might be some tables free -there was only one other table occupied) and I liked the environment,, Anki tells me there is a terrace with a fantastic view of Camden Town but that was closed.

Furtling a little further I find lots of negative reviews about how careless and rude the staff were and how non-descript the food was. That was not my experience and I will be going back..