July 21st, 2008

dreamscape sepia

The Shipping Forecast

And I tuck myself in bed while from the radio comes ‘Sailing By’ and then the shipping forecast. And it is so soothing, so reassuring, like you’re safe from the dangers of the world outside. It is an illusion, of course, one never is. But it is an illusion that I’ll agree to partake in, just for now, while the sirens of the police and the ambulances distressedly perform their demonstration of the Doppler effect outside...

week-end's short tales..

Last Thursday was the last of my birthday’s commemorations (maybe I should stop using that word -I do know what it means, btw), the Sluts’ Meet in Quinn’s. It was a jolly good night and there are pictures here (it’s a facebook gallery).

On Saturday I went to ahura_mazda’s birthday drinks at the Roch, where I only stayed a very short while as they were going to move on to the Big Red and I was going to go to Invocation after, so I did that. Invocation was a very good night. Good catch up with jackdiablo and ms_jinxme amongst others.

Sunday was spent, apart from one lesson away, mostly in my room and mostly horizontal, still reading Dawkins’ ‘Blind Watchmaker’.

Today will be made mostly of boring errands and a few lessons.

And last but not least... Happy Birthday to ahura_mazda, jud_niggli (or is t doniajud?) and house_of_borgia !!!