August 28th, 2008


another day

Went to the Dev to meet Mark WOLJ last night. I still don’t like the Dev, in fact like it less every time I go. Ran into necromanci, which is always good. Went to Quinn’s for dredd_bob’s birthday drinks, stayed there till ... some time, it felt like it was very late but probably wasn’t as I was already so tired after the driving to and from Tunbridge Wells and not sleeping much the night before.

Reading some ‘popular science’ book from the library, ‘The Never-Ending Days of Being Dead’, by one Marcus Chown; as a layman I find the whole thing about modern physics fascinating -as long as it is explained in words and I’m not asked to resolve any equations. But this book contained some of what seemed to me the most absurd propositions, like that old chestnut of reality probably being a computer simulation (yeah,yeah, we all saw the Matrix) taking place at the end of days towards the Omega point, or, at the other end of things, that the Universe would be the running of a very simple computer program (this one apparently proposed by Wolfram he of Mathematica fame). Again, then it all begins to look like theology more than physics, at least from outside, although I do realise they’re just playing with mathematical models which explain some aspect of reality, not necessarily claiming or believing that those are the ‘real’ or ultimate answers to those problems, but I still finding myself wondering what those people are on.. (and perhaps wanting some..:P)

It would seem to be purplestuart’s birthday! Happy Purplebirthday!