September 1st, 2008


A few pictures from the week-end...

.. and before. I took a few pictures at dredd_bob’s birthday drinks on Wednesday at Quinn’s, those are here (facebook album).
On Thursday there was the Sluts’ meet in Garlic and Shots... (facebook)
Then on Saturday there were Kath’s welcome-back picnic in Hampstead Heath, and purplestuart’s birthday drinks at the Big Red,

and finally Vagabonds, of which pictures later.

It was a good week-end.
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Hadn’t mentioned that `last Friday went for lunch with kajia, who introduced me to ‘Jerusalem’, a restaurant on Rathbone place. Lots of atmosphere, nice locale, and we had (each) an excellent tuna burger -which may sound quite ordinary but this was very well made and tasty. And they had a two-meals-for-one offer (according to kajia they do this most days). If this is how they normally are, very much recommended.