September 14th, 2008


sunday morning

I don’t think I’ve slept enough, but can make up for it later. Sunday evenings I used to go to the Dev and spend a few hours with friends. Now it is a time I mostly spend at home, doing stuff -sometimes even doing stuff I should be doing, like practising guitar or preparing material for lessons. Maybe I can have a nap in some of that time.

Went to Reptile and lo, it was good. I like the place, at the Minories. I’m affraid I’m always a bad customer in that I had one-drink-and-a-half all night, because I’m lazy so drove there. I don’t like the idea of spending half the night faffing around with night buses. There were lots of familiar faces, I danced a lot and although I was a bit wary of the \np-ebm’ policy, I enjoyed the music. Will very likely be going back.

Came back early, though, as I offered to help bellajonez move house (maybe I should stop using those lj handles for people who never use their journals, but hey). So I had to be moderately awake and rested in the morning. Some hope... :P