October 1st, 2008


non-letter day...

The morning started in a pretty stressful way, having to phone the DVLA because the tax disc hasn’t arrived (taxed online over a week ago) and the new car insurers as yesterday I received a letter from them about documents missing and ‘your insurer may decline your insurance’ . The envelope had been opened and was closed with sticky tape...

Things have improved, though. The DVLA says I have five days, they’re sending another tax disc, the insurers worrying letter seemed to have been not as serious as it seemed and the sun is shining. And, hey, things picking up considerably with breakfast -homemade cake (made by flat-mate kaerasta and very yummy -we are going to miss her). Lesson in a few minutes. Good morning!:)

For Sale: iPod Touch 8GB

I’m still selling that iPod Touch. It is the original 8GB one. Here follows the blurb that I was writing in order to put it on eBay, but I don’t like them and would prefer to try and sell it privately before resorting to eBay..:

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