October 4th, 2008



.. Inferno last night was a whole lot of fun. Except when I was talking to Alexander at the bar and this guy jumped at Alex, kissed him in the mouth making his pint fly in the air and drench me completely. He was way too far gone for it to be worth the while to have a rant at him.

Apart from that, nearly_everyone seemed to be there and I danced most of the time, for hours. ‘Twas good, I had a lot of fun.

Today, just one lesson (...) then rehearse/song-writing with noondaydemon and then, hopefully, nothing. I’m deadly tired and need to have a rest..

A Saturday night in..

... and it’s not too bad. Sipping G&T’s, playing with the electronic drum machine, listening to the takes from the practice with noondaydemon earlier (and I think we have a new song at least). Writing, replying to emails and Facebook comments and contemplating the strange and ephemeral miracle (probably without meaning or purpose, probably full of grief, but miracle nonetheless) of being alive in this universe, in this world and on this day...