October 17th, 2008


haircuts, drum-kits, paintings..

One of the many quirky little things I like about Kentish Town is that you have shops like this: up the road there is this hairdressers with a lazy cat sleeping on the window sill, a drum kit (which looks well used) in one corner and painting exhibitions. Last night there was the opening of one -I thought about going in but it was way, way too crowded, I was tired, carrying a guitar and felt I looked like a tramp (and probably did). Just now had a good chat with them, though; interesting bunch of people and I still find intriguing the combination of hair-dresser cum art gallery (with drum kit). They have a web site but unfortunately (for me, as I don’t like those) it is one of those Flash jobs with automatic music and moving graphics.. The paintings (or mix of painting and collage works) in the current exhibition were interesting, though.