November 3rd, 2008


Another Monday morning

Week-end was good, if a little quieter than I would have anticipated. Didn’t go to any of the clubs for Halloween; instead, I went to the Halloween party organised by ravenstoker and deinelakaien at the One Crown in Highgate Village. Photos will follow at some point.

There would have been lots of things to go to on Saturday; at least a couple of clubs and a few house parties but I was feeling a little bit under the weather -and the weather itself was rather horrible. So I stayed in and... well, practised guitar for a couple of hours, did a couple of music doodles in the computer (which you won’t get to hear, they’re awful but they’re little steps in my learning curve and stuff.. or so it goes), read half a book (’Rising Powers, Shrinking Planet’, on the geopolitics of energy) and watched two episodes of Battlestar Galactica. Maybe it would do me good to go out a little less often...

Sunday was quiet. One lesson, plus the pub excursion already mentioned in other posts.