November 18th, 2008

flav has  left the chat

going down, going up

I see LJ is up again. Didn’t seem to take longer than they stated.

KTR is rather noisy tonight. I’m beginning to think I might not want to live on the main road (apart from the other issues about sharing this flat, which I may have bored everybody with by now -mind you, as I’ve said before, one of my flatmates is as perfect a house mate as can be, but ...) . Unfortunately, I can’t afford to move to the nice houses in the quiet streets at the back from here. That’d be nice, still near everything but not with it all so very much in your face.

Ok, I think I have to do lessons in the morning, pay the remainder of the year’s advert at the Camden New Journal, meet pitufina to check out ‘El Comandante’, more lessons and the nagging feeling that there was something else, quite important, that I’m forgetting about and is not in my diary...