November 24th, 2008

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... was a little better for a while, sunny and bright if very cold and blustery. Now it is back to the normal November grey. Monday started with a lesson here at home at 9:00, then Jon’s lesson in Covent Garden with stop over at Paul the Bakers’ to buy expensive but lovely bread. A couple of lessons later and that’ll be my day.

The week-end was mostly quiet. Just quartie’s birthday party on Saturday, which was a blast. Pictures will be along later, when I get the time to sort out the more than 500 pics I took.. Hella, that is noondaydemon and meself, should have performed there but it was not to be, as Tina had a gig with SBA in Mansfield. Still, it was excellent. All the acts were very good. Shame I missed some of the other things that were happening on the Saturday, but I’m glad I went.

And, on that note, Happy Birthday, penguin_worship !!