December 17th, 2008

dreamscape with moon 1

Rediscovering how much I like early music, even if I managed to learn about it only just about enough to pass exams when I was studying.... I really dislike autoloading when I’m doing something else (and haven’t found a way to disable that yet, although I haven’t really tried), but sometimes it does reveal to me stuff I didn’t know I liked, or I had forgotten I liked...
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    Lachrimae Pavaen - johan schopp - newberry consort
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memories from the week-end....

andyknifton’s birthday at the Prince in Stoke Newington..

el_senor ‘s birthday at the Big Red... (not that Jack uses that livejournal, which I expect somebody else set up for him and he probably never used....)

Bleak Christmas 3 at the Rochester...

And pitufina and cracksmacker’s fabulous Christmas party (with intervention by Hella, that is noondaydemon and flavius_m (or is it flavio_matani?)