December 21st, 2008

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Went to see Star Industry at the Slimelight. It was a good evening but the place was nearly empty. even during the gig. The singer was doing all those stadium-rock things like sticking the microphone out to the crowd for them to sing along into it.. and as a friend commented, this was with only about fifty people in the room and about five of whom were dancing. By 1:00 or so I’d had enough, having been there since 7:30... Was debating to myself whether to call in at Zaz's or Shana's and.. well, the Big Red is much closer to where I live, but life doesn't always work like that. Went to the Big Red and ran into a friend who was a bit upset. Her wallet had got stolen while there at the BR. I offered to drive her home, so I did. Now, she lives somewhere in deepest Edgware or Burnt Oak so it took me a while and was getting a little lost (in spite of the iphone's mapping thing) and probably was driving a bit tentatively as I didn't know my way out of the place and was relying on the maps on the phone (my sense of direction, or lack of it, is legendary..), so... a police car stopped me. Nothing of consequence, just got asked a few questions, but still a strange end to a strange evening.