January 17th, 2009



I have an interesting problemette for later today. There are no less than four birthday celebrations of friends, plus Invocation. Well, I’m not going to make Invocation, for sure. But it is more or less impossible to go to all those birthday things. I incautiously said I would be going to two of them. Would like to go to all but that is just not possible. Besides, although my work situation has improved a bit I’m rather skint still so I cannot afford it anyway, quite apart from the spatial and temporal considerations. We’ll see.

It is beautiful and sunny out there, but the Met Office sez it’s going to be horrible later today. Better go out instead of sitting here internetting...

ION, pulling BSG 4.11 from a, cough, unofficial source, since I don’t have Sky and although SciFi.com are streaming it, we outside the Joint States of Merka are not deemed worthy of being allowed to watch it. I already know what’s happening, what makes me watch it is not the suspense as there is none really, this far.

Ah, and Happy Compleanno to violentmia and the_vin !!