January 23rd, 2009


elastic time

Interesting day. Er, for extended values of interesting... in reality, not much of a day, just errands and phone calls trying to fix stuff gone wrong, and a couple of lessons in Watford. Now off to say happy birthday to voofy,have a pint, come back early.

Tomorrow there's a couple of birthdays (again) and Black Plastic. I hope to make the latter, at least for a bit. Before that, I'll be making food for redd_foxx and friend, and my flatmate (no, not that one). The usual flav stuff: re-fried black beans, rice, fried plantain (ripe) and tostones (green plantain crisps), halloumi, fried cassava and arepas. Ok, you might get very fat if you ate like that every day but nobody eats like that more than a few times in the year. Unless you're a cow-hand in an Hacienda in the Venezuelan Llanos, but if you're on a horse all day steering cattle you probably would need to eat like that.

Oh, yes:

Happy Birthday, Mr erming!