March 31st, 2009

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Fire alarm at the school. We cannot hear it in the music block, head of music came over rounding up everyone. Five minutes of standing in the playground. Well, that's as exciting as it gets here, I s'pose.

No plans for Easter; cannot go to Whitby or make any biggish expenditures of that sort until things fall into place and I know what my options are.

ION, happy birthday to maxvonseibold and, slightly belatedly, to sciamachy; hope it was a good one.

This Friday looks complicated; there are at least four things I would like to go to. There is 'French Kiss' at the Orwell, Walpurgis night at the Gaff and of course Inferno at the EB. And .. something else I can't quite remember now but somebody will remind me about soon, I'm sure. In reality there are no funds to go anywhere this week, but we'll see.

Still waiting for things to unfold....
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