April 5th, 2009

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much ado

Reading the Book of Nothing. Finding nothing very interesting in it... (aargh, I know..)

Tried to go to Black Plastic. It was packed full with a long queue of people waiting to go in and a big crowd of people outside, so gave up. Good for Ally and Jo, though, I’m glad it’s being very successful. But it looked a bit too much for me so went back and headed for the Slimelight instead. Managed to miss the main act (Terrorfakt), saw the first two bands, though (If a ‘band’ is a woman in a rubber cat-suit with a MacBook and sampler triggers and mixer...) the music was ok but nothing that anyone couldn’t do with that gear and a copy of Live. She was cute, though *. The second band was much more interesting and I enjoyed it a lot (and danced to it) quite a bit. Wasn’t planning to stay there all night, though, and thinking of the things I had to do today I eventually left before the main act turned up.

(misogynistic comment of the week..:P)

Off to a lesson now. Extremely pissed off with house situation, but trying to avoid a confrontation until the time is right.

Where did the sunshine go?