April 6th, 2009


council of despair

The council presented me with a bill for unpaid council tax for £38.20 for 2007. So I phone to enquire about this -final notice with no previous notices, two years on? And they tell me that there is an outstanding amount of o£350-something for that period, for ‘recalculation of benefit’. I never claimed benefit (two of my flatmates at the time did, if I remember correctly) and they’re long since gone from this place. No matter, I have to pay that amount, they say, even though it is a bill that largely has nothing to do with me. I should imagine it would be impossible to recover those ‘recalculated benefits’ from those two flat-mates (one of whom may be reading this). I really didn’t need this at this point, grr.

and then..

... Earthquake in Italy, in a region where some of the Italian side of my family live. Have spoken to them and they are all well, although they had been worried for a young cousin who is a student in L’Aquila -where the Uni students’ residence hall collapsed, if I understood ok. She’s ok, though.

This day is bringing never-ending joy...


.. at least the week-end was good (apart from stress from house situation &cc, but fun all-round.

No, I didn’t go to Covenant last night. Instead, went to lydiamorgan and badusernametag’s for BBQ and good company. Photos (bad photos taken with cheap compact) will follow.